Higher Education
supporting Refugees
in Europe

inHERE goes to Brussels: first interim meeting on 27-28 March 2017

On the 27th and 28th of March 2017, the European University Association (EUA) will host the first partnership meeting of inHERE.

After meeting for the first time in Rome in September 2016, Partners will gather together again in Brussels to debate on the future steps to take.

Over the two-days meeting, partners will advance working on the inHERE Catalogue of Good Practices of higher education initiatives in supporting refugees. These initiatives will the selected from the current +260 initiatives mapped via the EUA Refugees Welcome Map along several categories:

  1. Recognition of studies and prior learning
  2. Access to higher education
  3. Financial support for refugee students
  4. Preparatory and bridging courses
  5. Integration measures
  6. Employment opportunities for refugee researchers and academic staff
  7. Online learning for refugees



Initiatives will be chosen based on 3 key criteria: impact, sustainability and transferability.

Good practices will be then shared, disseminated, transferred, up-scaled in the inHERE project, thus contributing to inHERE overall objective to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe strengthening knowledge sharing, peer-support and academic partnership among Higher Education Institutions on initiatives and resources aimed at facilitating integration and access of refugees in European universities.

inHERE_meeting in BRU