Higher Education
supporting Refugees
in Europe



Good Practice Catalogue

The aim of the catalogue is to serve the academic communities in Europe and beyond as a source of information and inspiration, enable exchanges and collaboration between interested parties. The catalogue will also lay ground for the measures generating the other intellectual outputs described below, as it will help to identify both good practice and expertise on issues. While this intellectual output is focussed on refugees, it will also be of interest for a more general discussion on the preparedness of higher education to welcome and include migrants, and regarding the issues of integration strategies and diversity management in general.

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Living Lab

The living lab is intended to be a user-centred, open-innovation ecosystem where staff members from different universities in Europe will design, explore, experience, refine and evaluate new practices and policies in real-life scenarios for evaluating their current or potential action plans to facilitate the integration of refugees in higher education. Two modalities will be used to prompt the living lab functioning: webinars and multiplayer events.

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Guidelines for university staff members

The document is a set of guidelines to improve or initiate assistance activities for integrating refugees students within the university. The guideline will be an important tool to spread the project results and lessons learned throughout Europe and to motivate and guide other higher education universities in implementing their refugees-related actions as well as to raise stakeholders’ awareness about opportunities and strategies for the integration of refugees in higher education.

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Recommendations to HE institutions, HE networks and HE policy makers on the strategies that can be put in place to support the integration of refugees.

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